Emergency call out bath

Emergency Call Out

We offer free, call out and our especially trained engineers can carry out a full on-site inspection with no obligation.

Gas Safe

As part of our Gas Safe registration we're able to carry out gas service on all the gas appliances in your house or property. This includes boilers, water heaters, fireplaces and gas cookers. It can be difficult to tell when a system or appliance isn't working correctly and is wasting valuable gas.

Gas Certificate

We are required to renew our licence to carry out your gas certificate every five years. This accreditation involves regular training and a twelve day course on theory and good practice. We keep up to date with the latest regulations and alert all our staff with regular monthly updates of any changes.

Gas Safe Bath
emergency call out bath

Emergency Plumber Bath

Ok don't panic we will help first pick up the phone and call us. We have put together a small guide to how you can shut down your problem before it spreads. We have talk you through by phone or you can simple local on the guide to where your emergency shut off valve may be.

Under the Sink

The first place to look for your Stop Valve, is just under the sink where you will find a brass looking Valve. Then you need to turn this clockwise to turn off. Sometimes the Stop Valve is found to be very stiff when turning off so you may need some grips to add extra pressure while turning off. A dry cloth can be a great idea.

Behind the Washing Machine

Sometimes you may find the Stop Valve behind your washing machine, whether it is in the utility room or located in the kitchen.

Living room

In the living room, especially in some council houses, you may find your Stop Valve located either built in a box or on a wall fitting.

Under the stairs

It's unusual to find the Stop Valve under the stairs, but in council houses this is a popular location when you have 2 cupboards where the Water Mains Pipe runs just below the concrete under the living room floor, then up through the cupboard.


Sometimes you will find the stop valve behind the toilet, especially when it comes to flats.