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Our bathroom engineers specialises in that high end designer look without costing the earth. We pride ourselves in having some of the very best tradesmen in South West England who can create a bespoke bathroom which will live up to your every expectation. We have specialist tilers who will work with anything from marble or travertine to hand made tiles - with perfect results every time. We undertake refurbishment, repairs, and the installation of sanitary wear, showers, and all related bathroom work.

A manager will visit and supervise estimated and larger work regularly and provide you with updates while smaller jobs are on an hourly basis. We always ensure minimum disruption and that we leave your premises clean and tidy following our visit. Our 24 hour promise can have a tradesman or estimator with you within 3 hour, when required. Workmanship carries a full written 12 month guarantee and appointments are made at a time to suit the customer.

How to choose the right bathroom


There’s a wealth of options, so start by narrowing down your choices. Panelled wall-side bath or free standing? Traditional or contemporary? Corner or standard? Double ended baths are becoming increasingly popular – with central taps to allow you to lie at either end of the tub. Roll top baths are back in a big way, but require a lot of space, and be aware that the plumbing is likely to be on show. Other popular designs include “slipper” baths, where the side is higher at one end than the other, and “boat” baths, which have the lowest part in the middle and taper towards the floor. But don’t be too swayed by fashion, choose a tub you can see yourself relaxing in, that meets your household’s needs and fits with your overall look. Remember, a bath is a big item, so do make sure the one you choose will fit through the door to be installed.


Traditional pedestal sinks are popular because all the plumbing is neatly hidden behind the stem. Or, if you’ve got the space, a vanity unit encased sink is a good way to add storage and conceal the plumbing. Plus, the unit can easily be refreshed and updated, possibly with just a coat of paint, in the future. Wall-hung sinks are a good option if space is minimal and have the advantage of being able to be placed at whatever height suits you. Just make sure your wall is strong enough to support the weight.


Most modern toilets come with the cistern attached close to the back of the pan, making them quieter and neater than the old high-cistern models. However, if you’re going for the traditional look these are still available if you shop around. If space allows, you could have the cistern concealed in the wall, but do ensure the panel covering it is removable for maintenance. This is obviously a more expensive option because of the work involved, but you can recoup some of the cost by using a cheaper plastic cistern. If you really can’t stand the sight of plumbing you could complete the look with a wall hung toilet. These are becoming increasingly popular with their slick, minimalist look, plus they have added benefit of being more hygienic as it’s easier to clean the floor beneath.


Your choice of taps can transform your bathroom, so think carefully about what you want before making your purchases. Mixers avoid the old scorch-freeze shuffle between taps when washing hands, but will look out of place in an antique-style bathroom. Polished stainless steel or chrome finishes look clean and light, or a brushed finish will avoid smudges. Copper gives a lovely antique look, whilst brass gives a luxurious feel. Or, if you really want a decadent bathroom and your budget allows, you could even go for gold plated. Always check your taps fit the holes in your bath or sink before making your purchase.

Bathroom Installation Bath

Bathroom Installation

We offer free, call out and our especially trained engineers can carry out a full on-site inspection with no obligation.

Gas Safe

As part of our Gas Safe registration we're able to carry out gas service on all the gas appliances in your house or property. This includes boilers, water heaters, fireplaces and gas cookers. It can be difficult to tell when a system or appliance isn't working correctly and is wasting valuable gas.

Gas Certificate

We are required to renew our licence to carry out your gas certificate every five years. This accreditation involves regular training and a twelve day course on theory and good practice. We keep up to date with the latest regulations and alert all our staff with regular monthly updates of any changes.

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